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    Huaibei SINOGEL Amino Acid Co., Ltd.(China) is located in Huaibei Economic Development Zone,Anhui,China.It is found in June,2008,the registered capital is US$4.65million.The main products are L-Alanine,DL-Alanine and L-Asparitic acid.

    The Technology Innovation’ is our core competitiveness,the production technology we adopts is all biological engineering technology.

    On the basis of reducing the cost of production, improving the quality of products and preventing the production process of the cause of environmental hazards,we continue to innovate the technology of alanine and aspartate. We have the largest and most advanced scientific research results in the same industry.

    Our certificates include ISO22000:2005,REACH,KOSHER,HALAL and Production license certification.

    In September 2015, we carried out strategic cooperation with world-renowned fermentation enterprises BBCA Group.

    We introduce BBCA Fermentation Technology Engineering Research Co., Ltd.( National Engineering Research Centre of Fermentation Technology) as the controlling shareholder of the company. This further enhance the company's competitiveness in management, capital, technology, industrial scale and other aspects.

  • L-Alanine(Tech-grade)
      CAS No.:56-41-7
      Molecular weight:89.09
  • L-Alanine(High-Optical Purity)
      CAS No.:56-41-7
      Molecular weight:89.09
  • L-Alanine(Food-grade)
      CAS No.:56-41-7
      Molecular weight:89.09
  • DL-Alanine
      CAS No.:302-72-7
      Molecular weight:89.09
  • D-Aspartic Acid
      CAS No.:1783-96-6
      Molecular weight:133.1
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